Training Services

In every class we work hard to improve the handler dog relationship by educating the handler on dog psychology. We will work with the handlers to be firm, fair an consistent and with this structure we can train your dog in basic obedience and eliminate bad behavior while rewarding good behavior.

Puppy and Socialization Classes

3-Week Class: $120

Your Puppy will learn the beginning stages of obedience, work on socialization and any behavior issues. Dogs learn the most the first few months of their life, so it is important for the handler and the dog to eliminate bad habits.

Meet once a week for 3 weeks.
Class lasts 1 hour

Obeidence Classes

Basic Obedience: $160

Obedience lays the ground work to eliminate all bad habits. After completing this class your dog will be able to sit, down on command, heel and come when commanded. We will work on behavior issue like jumping, barking, digging, chewing, etc. Having the proper obedience makes your relationship stronger, and it is safer for your dog when you are in uncontrolled environments.

Meet once a week for 4 weeks.
Class last 1 hour.


Advanced Obedience: $160

This class is recommended after the Basic Obedience Class is completed. We will work on heeling off line, long downs and downing your dog out of sight. We highly recommend this for handlers that are preparing their dogs for sports training.

Meet once a week for 4 weeks.
Class last 1 hour.

Protection Classes

Basic Protection (Level 1)

Not all dogs will be able to complete this course, so Hank will need to evaluate the dog prior to training. If we believe your dog is a candidate for this class we will train them to target a basic bite sleeve, target the sleeve when given a command and release the sleeve on command. With this course we will go over the legalities of owning a personal protection dog.


Advanced Protection (Level 2)

After the basic class is completed we will work on advancing your dog. During this class your dog will be taught to release from a distance and after the dog has released it will be taught to come back to the handler on command. The handler will be taught tactics during an engagement and also the legalities of the protection dog.

Board and Train

We can board and train your dog for you while you go on vacation.  This is a 2 weeks class that is ran by Hank Cocking, owner and certified trainer.  We will work on advanced obedience, off line control and bad behaviors. But this is not all work!  Your dog will be able to run in our fenced in exercise yard and will be given a treat before he/she goes to bed in a climate controlled facility.  When you return from vacation we will spend time with you and your dog as a team so that you the handler will be able maintain and utilize all that your dog was taught during this program.

Two (2) week boarding and training package: $1150 (Basic & Advance)

  • In 5-7 days from drop off, handler comes out and see what the dog has learned and starts working with the dog. On pick up day, will go over everything the dog has learned and how to maintain it.