Our Story

Midwest Dog Center was founded to provide an immediate level of protection for families in the event of a sudden crime. With the current crime trends, slower response time by police, and the ability of the German Shepard to safely protect citizens. It’s a great alternative to keep your family safe.


Hank Cocking - Owner

My first police service dog (PSD) Rommel, was a German Shepherd. He was a dual purpose canine and very skilled at his job. He was only aggressive when told to do so. PSD Rommel retired after ten (10) years and started his new career. He easily made the transition to become a personal protection canine for my family. My wife and five (5) children became his “handler”. PSD Rommel made several trips to the grocery store and accompanied the family on other errands. When my family took PSD Rommel they were comfortable knowing that he would deter most crimes and would be there for them if needed.

Through my line of work I have been able to make great contacts in Germany and I have already successfully supplied and trained a personal protection canine. Thus, the idea to start this company was born.

Why the German Shepard?

German Shepherds are the only canines this company will import for private citizens for personal protection. I have trained several different breeds of dogs for law enforcement use and the pure blooded German Shepherd is clear headed and the best breed available to make the transition from pet to personal protection with reliability.

All of our canines are imported and will arrive from Germany. We personally concuct a selection test in Germany prior to shipping the canine to the United States. During this process we look at their bite work and if they are social with people and other animals. Once the canine arrives in the United States, I work with him by socializing him with my family. After the socialization portion is completed and the canine is considered a good candidate, I will incorporate scenario based training for about four to six (4-6) weeks before the canine will be available for sale.